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Friday, March 25, 2016

Poor Producer! ---Part 1

That's right, the title of this blog is an oxymoron "Poor Producer", we all think Film Producers are rich and have a lot of money but they are the one who lose all their money and ultimately be left out with nothing by the time a Film production is completed, well! most of them.
Most of the time a Producer hopes he can just recover the money he invested in the project and profit is something which he/shre hardly thinks about.

Have you ever come across any one of the following scenarios:
  1. A movie had to be stopped half way through because the Producer couldn't shell out more money.
  2. Quality of the movie had to be compromised because the Producer couldn't increase the budget.
  3. Climax of the movie was not as good as beginning of the movie because by the time movie shooting reached climax Producer ran out of money.
  4. Actors or Technicians walking out of the movie project because Producer couldn't pay.
  5. Even after completing production and Post Production, the Producer doesn't have any money left to advertise and Distribute the movie.
Well these are just few things I could list but there are umpteen number of such issues which a Film Producer goes through.

Off course we have a few successful Producers making lavish amount of money from their movies but they belong to very small percentage of the bigger group and let us not delve about them.

Producers, anybody can become a producer provided they have the resource for making a movie. In the current scenario Producers can be vaguely categorized as given below:

  1. Studios which produce multiple movies and are major driving force in the Movie Industry
  2. Independent Producers who make single movie or at max 2/3 movies at any given point of time.
These Independent Producers can be any from the below list:
  1. A person who has knowledge of making movies and happens to have a lot of money
  2. A person who has knowledge of making movies and gets loan or mortgages things to get money.
  3. A person who has no knowledge of movie making but has lot of money, this person comes in purely for fame or profit.
  4. A person with no money, no interest in making money but is purely coerced into producing movie by friends, relatives etc. Well you know what is happening here
  5. A Passionate Film Maker who doesn't have money and uses his Debit/Credit card to make movies.
  6. A Person who wants his Kith or Kin to become famous by getting them into Limelight by being stars
  7. Underworld/Politicians and so on..
You will be surprised when you get to know how Producers or film makers arrange money for making movies.

In an Industry where the Median Return on Investment(ROI) is 13.12% for an independently financed movie and the median of the studio-financed movies is 27% on an annual basis over a ten-year period why does anyone want to Invest Money and become Producer? 

The information is taken from "Analyzing the ROI of Independently Financed Films: are there many more “Slumdogs” than “Millionaires”? " from Benedetta Arese Lucini.

Here are few snippets from the Article:

"A few main players dominate the movie industry by controlling most of the revenues and
market share, with as little as 6% of movies making up 80% of revenues"
"It is pretty clear from the data that studio movies outperform the independent ones when
looking at budget-weighted returns. For every $1 invested in a studio film, the return is $1.49
dollars, whilst for an independent it is only $1.11. Over a 10-year horizon for the investment this
equates to 1.06% return a year. This shows that leaving the “negative” money in a bank account
or in marketable securities is a better investment than independent movies, on the full portfolio."

read the article from the following link for more information.

It is clear from the above snippet Movie Making Industry is one of the riskiest Business which involves very less Median ROI.

Even with such low ROI, Film Industry continues to thrive and is one of the highly aspired profession by most of the people but I always wonder why is that people still spend so much money and time in making a Film? I too am one of those people who invest a lot of time, energy and money to make money even though I have no hopes of making profit in near future. Something to delve on later but coming back to the Poor Producer!!! Why and how can a Producer save money and what should be the Strategy and should there be a Back up Plan? Well watch out for my next blog...

Monday, November 9, 2015

Anniversary, a short film in very short time

It has been almost eight months since we made the short film titled “Anniversary” but the memory is still so vivid and clear in my mind and this is something I will cherish forever. For an Artist every small step is like a breath of fresh air.

Firstly, I want to thank my team, Nimmy, Ram, Divya, Vishwas, Yusuf and Yogesh for being part of the making of this short film, without their help I couldn’t have completed this short film.

When I watch Anniversary now I find so many faults and feel like I could have done better but I still feel very happy to have completed “Anniversary”.

"Anniversary was shot and edited  
in only 2 days with the team working round the
clock to finish making this short film"

Anniversary was shot and edited in only 2 days with the team working round the clock to finish making this short film. We wanted to make this short film for a competition and had very limited time to submit the short film hence we worked at rapid pace for 2 days and uploaded the video in youtube.

I want to share a very brief overview on the making of the short film, feel free to comment and share your feedback and don’t forget to watch a small making video shared below.

                     "My initial thought was to write a 
very simple story to show the life of a
housewife and her daily routine"

My initial thought was to write a very simple story to show the life of a housewife and her daily routine, I wanted to show the amount of effort they put on a daily basis which is taken for granted by most of the people. But just showing the routine wouldn’t give a grasping storyline so I made it a special day, their Anniversary, and added some element of suspense and twist to keep the audience glued till the end of the short film. If you have already watched Anniversary then you would have realized that it is a very simple story with one character predominantly present throughout the short film. 
I was initially worried if the story

I was initially worried if the story would be convincing enough to show the transition from simple caring person to a frantic violent person but Kudos to Nimmy Geetha her wonderful acting as she made the entire transition look natural.

I invited all my friends over weekend and narrated the story and asked them to get ready for shoot very next week.

We shot almost 90% in my house and the rest was shot in car and a very beautiful place Caesar Creek.

Here are few pics taken during the making:
Vishwas ready to shoot the jar falling on floor 

Kitchen shot taken by Ram

Well me thinking!

Ram again shooting Kitchen shot

Following time-lapse was shot using Go Pro and the setup image is given below:

Time Lapse settings

Here is a small funny clip from the making of Anniversary:

Thank you Divya for taking this wonderful and funny video. This video shows the effort we took for each and every single shot made.

Anniversary was made on ZERO budget.

Equipments and software used:
Canon 5D Mark II , Hero 3 Go Pro, Iphone 6 Plus, Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade and Lacie for storing video.

The BG Score was provided by my Colleague and friend, MYB. Thank you Yusuf for giving such a mind blowing Background score.

It has been fun to hear how my friends and others interpreted the ending of the short film. In fact many have asked me what was the actual meaning of ending of the short film.
Well, my team and I had a lot of brainstorming before we decided upon how we were going to end the short film. We wanted to make sure that anybody who watched the short film gave some thought about it even after the film ended and I think we have been successful in doing so.

Obvious ending should have been either husband is killed by mistake or he escapes and everything ends positively but to do Justice to the flow of the story and at the same time not give a sad ending I gave the ending as you see today.
From my viewpoint, Nithya did attack husband and wounded him very badly but it didn’t cause death instead it was an accident which left an indelible mark on her. Nithya celebrates her next anniversary outside the house waiting for him in the same saree and husband comes to her with a rose this time to have an Happy Anniversary.

I will be writing more about my next short film, ShortCut and Alpha in my next Blog.

Thanks for reading

Monday, October 19, 2015

Lots of update but haven't been able to keep up

It is not a good idea to give the title I have given for this post because it sounds like I have been lazy but alas that is the fact, I have not pushed myself to update the blog with everything I have been doing for last one year.
Just to give a glimpse, starting of EP4 production house, making of the Short Film Anniversary, and in progress three short films and one mini feature film, Alpha, these are few things which I have been doing but haven't updated my blog with details.
I will try to update more about all these in the upcoming Blogs.

"Anniversary" short film is available in youtube for you to watch, please watch and share your feedback.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sundance Short Film Challenge

"Casting Call for Actors (Male/Female/Child Artist) for Sundance Short Film Competition which will sent to Sundance for a competition.
Wanted a MALE* lead between 25-35 age group.
Wanted a FEMALE* lead between 20-30 age group.
Wanted a BOY/GIRL* lead between 8-15 age group.
If interested send your details to the following ID:

Reply with the following information in the email: (We need the following details so that we can select the best candidate based on the roles we are looking for).
1. Latest Photograph with Close up shots and Full Profile shots.
2. Age as of today, height, skin tone.
3. Languages known and the language you are fluent.
4. A short video to show case your acting skill can also be sent(Highly recommended)
5. Your availability for audition and shooting.

Please Note: “This short film is made to showcase the challenges poor people face in India and how they overcome these challenges to make a difference.
We are making this short film to voice the growth India is making even though we are burdened with Poverty, population and Prejudice.
If you want to make a difference and provide your support please be part of this wonderful Project”.

~Must be ready for open audition which will be happen in the April/May 2014 at Bangalore.
~Must be available for minimum of 10 days in May/June
~Last Date For Submission is 15th of May, 2014

The team which is making is making this short film.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Aghochara Official HD Trailer #1

Dear All,
             Here is the trailer for "Aghochara", Please watch , share and provide your feedback.
Don't forget to put on your head phones.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

ಅಗೋಚರ -Aghōchara is the title of the Movie in Kannada

Finally after a lot of rumination we have managed to come up with title Aghochara(which means imperceptible) for the Kannada version of this Mockumentary.
Here is the Facebook page for the movie, please like and share the page with everyone.
Watch out for more updates.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

All AEPA videos on youtube are private

Dear Friends,
                    As i mentioned in my previous post I will be making some significant changes in AEPA so I have made all videos private because of which you will not be able to watch any video listed in the previous post.
Please bear with me for some time so that I will post the updated videos :) very soon.

I will changing the title, re-recording sounds, dubbing in regional language and also make changes to the story line.