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Thursday, November 4, 2010


Thanks everyone for your positive response. Based on your response I have written a small write up on what mockumentary is. Click here to read it.

well!! here is the trailer for the mockumentary. Watch out for more updates. You can also find the video at Youtube link


well that was the trailer for the mockumentary which is in the editing(Post production) phase currently. Those who watched it, if noticed clearly you would find some flaws, forgive me for them as I couldn't help it as i had to be the light boy, sound recorder, camera man, the gaffer, the driver, script writer, producer, actor and yeah the director. Thanks to my family, friends and actors who helped me some time by holding the lights for me.
The reason i donned all these roles was to get a better understanding of everything.
I selected to make a mockumentary instead of regular movie to start with something simple yet challenging.

Though we have multiple sites and books with all information we need for making a movie I am writing this to share my experience and collate all information at one place. More over I want to stress the fact that if passionate anyone can venture and make a movie. I manged to complete this with $1500 only. Yes!! you read it right i spent only $1500(I will give the breakup in the budget section). If anyone out there wants to make a movie then continue reading because If i(no film school, no experience, less money, less contacts, less time) can do it then you too can.
Will share more information as we continue
Following is the list of topics I will be writing about:
1. Budget(something which stops almost everyone from doing anything)
2. Script & Screenplay Writing
3. Equipments required(camera, lights, sound, softwares etc.)
4. Direction
5. Post Production

NOTE: My approach would be to make a low budget digital feature for amateur film makers.
Watch out..

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Recording!!! Action!!!! SHoooooot!!!!! Cut!!!! read it right, on November 1st 2010 I said "CUT" for the last time for this mockumentary. Mockumentary!!! yes, my first experiment as an Independent film maker. My stint as an Independent film maker has been challenging and grueling but finally it's exhilarating after completing the first phase.
I am a software professional in a leading IT company in India who managed to utilize some spare time and make this mockumentary. I wanted to learn the art of movie making. After attending some film institutes and meeting some people and wasting my time and money I realized that the best way to learn is to stop thinking and start making the movie.
The reason I have started writing this blog is to reach out to all aspiring and independent film makers and share with them what I learned from making this mockumentary.
I will be sharing everything right from the idea to write a script to having the final copy of the film after editing.
I will also be collating all my learnings and resources which helped me in completing this mockumentary.

Now coming back to my mockumentary.
This is a mockumentary titled "After Effects of Paranormal Activity". I will write more about the mockumentary after I release the trailer :).