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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Final copy of After Effects of Paranormal Activity

Dear friends,
 Here is the final copy of the MM “After Effects of Paranormal Activity”. I would like to thank my family, my crew, my friends and god for all support and motivation I have got to complete this MM. Though the shooting was completed almost a year back it took me almost a year to complete the post production work. I will share the reason in my next set of blogs but as of now please enjoy the MM J
Here is the link for the MM. I had to split the video so that I can upload them faster. You can watch the movie from my youtube Playlist “After Effects of Paranormal Activity”

Click here to view the Playlist

Here is the link for all the 6 parts I have split the MM into:
Try watching the MM at 1080p resolution for best video quality. For those who don’t have the internet bandwidth to watch the MM on youtube I am planning to upload the videos and share it via torrent. I will let you all know when the torrent seeds are up.

AEPA Part 1:
AEPA Part 2:

AEPA Part 3:

AEPA Part 4:


AEPA Part 5:

AEPA Part 6:

Please don’t forget to provide your feedback and comments:

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Screening AEPA using a projector

With almost a year after completing the shooting for AEPA I finally managed to show the preview of AEPA to my friends. My friends and I watched AEPA using a projector and it was a wonderful experience watching once creation on a big screen. Here are few pictures which were taken while we were watching AEPA.

I am hoping to upload the complete MM by this weekend in Youtube and share the links with you all.I will also share the torrent links so that everyone can download and watch it.

PS: Don't forget to watch the completed MM posted in the following blog.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Creating a flash based website

Almost all movies which are released these days have a flash based gaudy website created though I have a website/blog where I have been sharing my learning I always wanted to create a flash based website by myself for this MM. I didn't want to buy another domain and publish this flash based website so I was hunting for an appropriate website . Luckily I found which allows one to create flash based website. User can either create a domain for themselves by paying some money or use it for free with their logo and url having their website link. I have created a free website just to learn and share it with you all. Independent film makers can always promote/share their work in a visually attractive way by using this website.
Here is the link for the website:

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