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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sundance Short Film Challenge

"Casting Call for Actors (Male/Female/Child Artist) for Sundance Short Film Competition which will sent to Sundance for a competition.
Wanted a MALE* lead between 25-35 age group.
Wanted a FEMALE* lead between 20-30 age group.
Wanted a BOY/GIRL* lead between 8-15 age group.
If interested send your details to the following ID:

Reply with the following information in the email: (We need the following details so that we can select the best candidate based on the roles we are looking for).
1. Latest Photograph with Close up shots and Full Profile shots.
2. Age as of today, height, skin tone.
3. Languages known and the language you are fluent.
4. A short video to show case your acting skill can also be sent(Highly recommended)
5. Your availability for audition and shooting.

Please Note: “This short film is made to showcase the challenges poor people face in India and how they overcome these challenges to make a difference.
We are making this short film to voice the growth India is making even though we are burdened with Poverty, population and Prejudice.
If you want to make a difference and provide your support please be part of this wonderful Project”.

~Must be ready for open audition which will be happen in the April/May 2014 at Bangalore.
~Must be available for minimum of 10 days in May/June
~Last Date For Submission is 15th of May, 2014

The team which is making is making this short film.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Aghochara Official HD Trailer #1

Dear All,
             Here is the trailer for "Aghochara", Please watch , share and provide your feedback.
Don't forget to put on your head phones.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

ಅಗೋಚರ -Aghōchara is the title of the Movie in Kannada

Finally after a lot of rumination we have managed to come up with title Aghochara(which means imperceptible) for the Kannada version of this Mockumentary.
Here is the Facebook page for the movie, please like and share the page with everyone.
Watch out for more updates.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

All AEPA videos on youtube are private

Dear Friends,
                    As i mentioned in my previous post I will be making some significant changes in AEPA so I have made all videos private because of which you will not be able to watch any video listed in the previous post.
Please bear with me for some time so that I will post the updated videos :) very soon.

I will changing the title, re-recording sounds, dubbing in regional language and also make changes to the story line.


Sunday, January 12, 2014

Using After Effects

I have always been curious about the post production process for movies where they convert normal looking raw videos into a visually pleasing look aka cinematic style. Grading the footage, giving additional graphics to image which changes the normal looking raw video to something amazing is something which every film maker has to learn. Needless to say the movie titles, texture (especially if you watch the trailer of movies) are so impressive that people yearn to watch movies which are being released. Off course cinematography and direction give life to the images but the post production work always embellishes the original footage with additional changes which changes the way movies are presented to the audience.

Well, I recently started using the software "After Effects" from adobe and I should say I am highly impressed by the magnitude of changes you can make in after effects. Check out the link to know more about it and try using it as they have free 1 month trial.

AE provides you with sophisticated tools to control the video is every aspect you want to control or render the video. 

I have started using After effects for making some significant change to the mockumentary "After Effects of Paranormal Actvity". I am in the process of dubbing this in local language so that this can be viewed by non-English speaking friends.

Watch out for some significant changes in AEPA :)

Sunday, January 5, 2014

6-5=2, A mockumentary successfully released in Kannada

Dear friends,
                         It is with pleasure I write today to share very interesting news with you all. On November 4, 2010 I had released the trailer for my mockumentary “After effects of paranormal activity”, here is the link for the blog:  As stated earlier, Mockumentary is a new trend/Genre of film making which can be made at very less budget yet grasp audience attention when they are watching the movie. 
The news is that “6-5=2” is first commercially launched kannada mockumentary which has been received by the audience positively.

Here is the trailer of the movie:

Though this movie is inspiried by the “Blair witch” project, this movie was able to attract the audience and make a very good ROI(Check out this link:
I wish this team all the very best for future projects.

I am very happy to see that Kannada industry is coming up with such new approach. We should hope to see many such films being released in the industry.