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Monday, November 9, 2015

Anniversary, a short film in very short time

It has been almost eight months since we made the short film titled “Anniversary” but the memory is still so vivid and clear in my mind and this is something I will cherish forever. For an Artist every small step is like a breath of fresh air.

Firstly, I want to thank my team, Nimmy, Ram, Divya, Vishwas, Yusuf and Yogesh for being part of the making of this short film, without their help I couldn’t have completed this short film.

When I watch Anniversary now I find so many faults and feel like I could have done better but I still feel very happy to have completed “Anniversary”.

"Anniversary was shot and edited  
in only 2 days with the team working round the
clock to finish making this short film"

Anniversary was shot and edited in only 2 days with the team working round the clock to finish making this short film. We wanted to make this short film for a competition and had very limited time to submit the short film hence we worked at rapid pace for 2 days and uploaded the video in youtube.

I want to share a very brief overview on the making of the short film, feel free to comment and share your feedback and don’t forget to watch a small making video shared below.

                     "My initial thought was to write a 
very simple story to show the life of a
housewife and her daily routine"

My initial thought was to write a very simple story to show the life of a housewife and her daily routine, I wanted to show the amount of effort they put on a daily basis which is taken for granted by most of the people. But just showing the routine wouldn’t give a grasping storyline so I made it a special day, their Anniversary, and added some element of suspense and twist to keep the audience glued till the end of the short film. If you have already watched Anniversary then you would have realized that it is a very simple story with one character predominantly present throughout the short film. 
I was initially worried if the story

I was initially worried if the story would be convincing enough to show the transition from simple caring person to a frantic violent person but Kudos to Nimmy Geetha her wonderful acting as she made the entire transition look natural.

I invited all my friends over weekend and narrated the story and asked them to get ready for shoot very next week.

We shot almost 90% in my house and the rest was shot in car and a very beautiful place Caesar Creek.

Here are few pics taken during the making:
Vishwas ready to shoot the jar falling on floor 

Kitchen shot taken by Ram

Well me thinking!

Ram again shooting Kitchen shot

Following time-lapse was shot using Go Pro and the setup image is given below:

Time Lapse settings

Here is a small funny clip from the making of Anniversary:

Thank you Divya for taking this wonderful and funny video. This video shows the effort we took for each and every single shot made.

Anniversary was made on ZERO budget.

Equipments and software used:
Canon 5D Mark II , Hero 3 Go Pro, Iphone 6 Plus, Zoom H1 Handy Portable Digital Recorder, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, Speed Grade and Lacie for storing video.

The BG Score was provided by my Colleague and friend, MYB. Thank you Yusuf for giving such a mind blowing Background score.

It has been fun to hear how my friends and others interpreted the ending of the short film. In fact many have asked me what was the actual meaning of ending of the short film.
Well, my team and I had a lot of brainstorming before we decided upon how we were going to end the short film. We wanted to make sure that anybody who watched the short film gave some thought about it even after the film ended and I think we have been successful in doing so.

Obvious ending should have been either husband is killed by mistake or he escapes and everything ends positively but to do Justice to the flow of the story and at the same time not give a sad ending I gave the ending as you see today.
From my viewpoint, Nithya did attack husband and wounded him very badly but it didn’t cause death instead it was an accident which left an indelible mark on her. Nithya celebrates her next anniversary outside the house waiting for him in the same saree and husband comes to her with a rose this time to have an Happy Anniversary.

I will be writing more about my next short film, ShortCut and Alpha in my next Blog.

Thanks for reading